marstershot archive • significant danish photography

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The archive

mastershot is a photo archive. We are working to raise awareness of forgotten Danish photographers whose works contain extraordinary qualities.
The archive consists of a larger collection of slides by nature photographer
Harry Opstrup and a small collection of negatives by press photographer Mogens Folden.
In addition, the archive holds an interesting collection of negatives and glass negatives by a number of unknown photographers.

Information about the founders of mastershot here

New acquisitions

The archive is continuously making new acquisitions and we very much appreciate to hear about negatives and slide collections of Danish photographers — contact us here

Relevant to

mastershots archival material is relevant to:
  Danish history
research in photography
other research purposes


mastershot will seek to promote interest in Danish art photography by:
  photo book publications
photo exhibitions
sale of use of photos for print and online purposes
sale of postcards and photographic prints

Like to become postcard reseller see here

Rights and Use

All photos from the mastershot archive are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any way, stored in a storage system, or copied without prior agreement.